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4-Piece Wheels

Forklift Wheels are subject to fatigue due to heavy stress in service but GKN Forklift Wheel's reliability and life span is increased due to focus on fatigue design which includes lab fatigue tests, field stress acquisition data and back to back Finite Element Analysis. Specially designed and extensively tested at GKN Wheels and Structures European Technical Centre, a unique element of these wheels is the rim design – a ‘flat base’ concept in which the tire is fitted by pressing from one side. Offered as single piece elastic ring wheels, the disc is welded to the rim to allow hub mounting and is designed in accordance with ETRTO standards whilst also retaining the ability to be design according to customer specifications.

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    8.0" - 3.00" / 4-Piece

    Wheel Information

    Description: 8 x 3.00D 4-Piece Wheel
    Rim Profile: Multi-Piece
    Rim Design: 4-Piece
    Market: Industrial
    Diameter: 8.0
    Width: 3.00

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