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GKN Wheels and Structures designs, tests and manufactures a range of wheels in sizes up to 63” diameter to suit vehicle applications, including quarry haul trucks and large mining trucks.

By working with customers’ design engineers, GKN Wheels and Structures has reviewed the critical characteristics of mining applications, operating requirements and the harsh climatic environment to design and manufacture reliable and durable products to operate in these extreme conditions. Wheels are designed to meet customer and application needs without adding unnecessary weight, so controlling product costs, reducing fuel consumption and increasing payloads.

GKN Wheels and Structures use high strength, low alloy and quality carbon structural steel. Forged material is used in key areas, including the gutter band and back section, greatly increasing strength and fatigue resistance.

Welds are inspected using ultrasonic and x-ray techniques, to ensure consistent high quality and freedom from defects. This translates into extended service life, safer application and lower maintenance costs.

Standard products are available in diameters up to 63” and widths up to 52”.

Heavy construction & mining wheels are manufactured in China, Denmark and the USA.

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45.0" - 36.00" / Conventional

Wheel Information

Description: 45 X 36.00/4.5 Conventional Wheel
Rim Profile: Multi-Piece
Rim Design: Conventional
Market: Mining
Diameter: 45.0
Width: 36.00

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